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Examples of Sound Systems and Single Unit prices are listed below. Please contact me for more info or demo. (All Equipment is PAT Tested)

1) System to use with Laptop,mp3 player,Tablets or Phones  £60.00/£70.00

  • Suitable for Weddings and Parties.
  • Pr. Active Digital Light Weight Speakers (2) with stands and leads.
  • Just connect your player, Laptop or Tablet.
  • You will need to hire a mixer if microphone is needed
  • System will fit in most Cars for transport

2) Small Band PA (example)                                                             £145.00

  • Powered Active Speakers with stands            
  • Mixer 12 channel
  • 4x Mics with Stands, 2x id boxes , all leads.
  • 2x Powered (Active) Floor Monitors.
  • £115.00 without Monitors (just an example)

3) Small Sound System system                                                         £35.00/£45.00

  • Suitable for Meetings, Quiz Nights or low level music and AV use.
  • 2 x Powered speakers with stands.
  • Mixer, Microphone, stand and leads. (lectern/gooseneck type microphone available as a extra at £5.00)

4) System with CD players                                     £95.00

  • 2 x  Active/Powered Speakers with stands 
  • Twin CD Player/Mixer Unit (Includes Lead for MP3 or Laptop) .
  • Microphone 

 Individual Prices

*Leads and RCB units (circuit breaker) supplied when needed.

Small Passive Speakers, 100/150watt for speech, background music,meetings,fetes. Fitted with 8in or 10in bass drivers  for 2 (pair) £20.00

Full Range Passive Speakers 300watt rms per cab (600 peak) fitted with 15in. bass drivers ( Disco or Band )
Full Range Powered Active Speaker with 15inch driver

 for 2 (pair)

 for 2 (pair)



Active Sub Bass 15inch, 600 watt
Active  Speakers/Monitors (10inch drivers)
 for 2 (pair)
Powered/Active Speakers for Monitors or AV (10inch drivers) 


Power Amps (QSC  900 watt rms )  1  £25.00
Powered Mixer  400 watts rms (box type)  1  £25.00
Flat bed Numark CD player (cd format, will not player mp3 cd's)  1  £10.00
DJ/Twin CD player/mixer units (Denon 19inch rack type in cases)  1  £35.00
Mixer 1u rack mount with a Bluetooth connection  1  £10.00
Yamaha Mixer 10 mic 4 stereo inputs with effects  1  £25.00
Alan and Heath Mixer 4 mic 2 stereo line and usb input  1  £15.00
Sound Craft Mixer 12 mic 2 stereo inputs with effects  1  £25.00
PA and DJ mixers  From  £10.00
6 or 8 Channel mutli core cables 10 or 15 metres long  1  £05.00
Radio Mic's (with new battery)  From  £15.00
Microphone----(with lead)  From  £05.00
Condenser Microphones, small or goose neck (lectern type)  1  £05.00
Microphone  stand  1  £02.00

 Speaker Stands                                                                             

 *Please phone for more imformaton/quote if equipment is not listed (01622 710588) or email friend-dashhire@hotmail.co.uk

        *Prices may vary dependent on type.



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